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Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump in Your Arizona Home

Many people out there have two HVAC systems in their home: a heating system and a cooling system. However, there is a way to use just one system to both heat and cool your home—by installing a heat pump!

In case you’re not familiar with heat pumps, these systems transfer heat from a cold space to a warm space with electricity. The result of this movement is an even cooler cool space, and an even warmer warm space.

In comparison to furnaces, heat pumps are often favored for their efficiency, along with their ability to distribute heat in an even manner throughout a living space. Learn more about the benefits of installing a heat pump in your Arizona home below!

Advantages of Installing a Heat Pump

Low Cost of Operation

The typical gas furnace turns on and off at a higher frequency than a heat pump. The majority of contemporary heat pumps no longer require cold air to be blown through vents. Antiquated systems would use such cold air to defrost their coils when the system briefly switched into reverse. Aside from heating an area in a uniform manner, the primary benefit of a heat pump is its efficiency in comparison to the conventional gas or oil furnace.

There is no need to burn oil or gas once you equip your home with a heat pump.  This system is totally reliant upon electricity for operation. When a living space must be heated, the heat pump moves heat into the house from the outdoors. In the cooling season, the heat pump transfers heat from the home into the greater outdoors.

The fact that a heat pump does not generate heat but moves it is a testament to its energy efficiency and consequently, its low cost of operation. In general, a space can be warmed or cooled to the proper temperature for about one-quarter or one-third of the cost required to operate a traditional heating or cooling system. You can even leave your heat pump on while you are at work and you won’t receive an exorbitantly high utility bill in your mailbox at the end of the month. This is the no-worry, low-cost heating and cooling solution of your dreams.

Ease of Use

Too many homeowners assume that heat pumps are an archaic means of heating a home that require extensive effort on the owner’s behalf. The truth is that a heat pump merely requires the press of a button to turn on and off. This button can be placed on the wall or even a remote so you don’t have to get out of your chair to achieve the desired room temperature.

This method of heating quickly heats your living space so you don’t have to wait long to enjoy the comfortable temperature you deserve. Give the system a few minutes and it will heat or cool the room to your selected temperature. Furthermore, this temperature will be maintained for as long as you desire.

Heat & Cool Your Home

The beauty of a heat pump is that it can work backwards with its “reverse cycle”. Since a heat pump is designed to extract heat from your living space and send it outdoors in the same manner as a refrigerator cools its interior, it can cool your home in a reasonable amount of time. You can even alternate from heating to cooling with the single press of a button. This is an excellent alternative to a costly central air conditioning system.

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