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  • Filter replacement

Split systems are a great way to use one system to heat and cool your Arizona home, rather than paying for two separate heating and cooling systems. This home heating and cooling technology is affordable, efficient, and easily controlled. Shamrock Heating & Cooling is proud to provide split system heating and cooling technology to home owners throughout the greater Tempe, AZ area. Whether you are interested in an installation, maintenance, or repair services, our team of HVAC technicians is here for you

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How Split Systems Work

Split systems, also referred to as "ductless mini splits", link an indoor air-handler to an outside compressor to warm or cool your living space according to your desired temperature. The connection between the indoor and outdoor equipment protects the system’s power cable as well as the refrigerant, condensate drain, and tubing.

This ductless system sends cold and warm air throughout your living space without using traditional air ducts. This method of heating and cooling is especially advantageous for older homes that are not designed with ducts, as well as newer homes that do not make use of forced air.

Benefits of Split Systems for Heating & Cooling Your Arizona Home

There are countless benefits to making the switch to split system heating and cooling! Take a moment to consider the allergens, dust, dirt, and other unsavory particles that accumulate in your home’s duct system. These contaminants infiltrate your living space every time you turn on your furnace or air conditioner when you use a forced air system. Split system heating and cooling scraps the ducts altogether, so you don’t have to breathe in tainted air that will aggravate your allergies or make you sick.

Split systems are an affordable option to consider when choosing a heating and cooling system for your Arizona home. This style of heating and cooling system is especially beneficial for those who own an older home that would require an incredibly costly installation of ducts and central air conditioning. Furthermore, your ductless split system will save you plenty of money in terms of utility bills. The system’s lack of ducts means little energy will be lost compared to the amount sacrificed with traditional heating and cooling systems.

Another benefit of ductless mini-splits is their conveniently small size. This system won’t occupy a large portion of your home’s available space. If you own a small to medium-sized home or rent an apartment, you will certainly appreciate the minimal amount of space required for a split system! Furthermore, this system can heat or cool specific rooms of your home to your selected temperature. You can adjust each room or "zone" in your home with the thermostat and enjoy a particular temperature at any point in the day or night. Your comfort is totally within your control when you install a split system!