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When To Replace Your Furnace

When Should You Replace Your Furnace?

Buying a new furnace can be a costly investment, especially if you buy a high-efficiency model. However, doing so is sometimes not optional. If your existing unit is starting to show signs of giving out, or if it is costing you a fortune in heating bills each month, a replacement may be your best bet. Keep in mind that many new furnaces qualify tax credits, particularly if they are ENERGY STAR rated. Installing an energy-efficient heating system in your home can save you a lot of money, so it would be in your benefit to replace it you have the funds to so. Unfortunately, sometimes a broken furnace is an unexpected circumstance. Be sure to contact a HVAC contractor that offers a financing plan. Most companies will work with the monthly payments to find an option that works best for you.

Is it Time to Replace Your Furnace?

  • You will need to replace your furnace if the repair cost exceeds the replacement cost
  • If an inspector has deemed the device in violation of safety codes, you will have no choice but to buy a new unit
  • If your existing furnace is costing too much money to run each month, a replacement should be in order; high heating bills are often the result of poor furnace efficiency

In a nutshell, there are three factors that will determine whether you need to replace your home’s existing furnace. If the unit has incurred significant mechanical damage and you are faced with a lofty repair bill, buying a new furnace may be the cheaper option. A reputable HVAC contractor will recommend the best option in this regard. If your furnace is leaking gas, it poses serious safety hazards. As such, it may be condemned by an inspector and red flagged for removal. Failing to comply with these ordinances can lead to hefty fines. Lastly, your furnace may just be an energy hog. A newer energy-efficient model can drastically lower your monthly heating bill, so this is definitely worth considering!