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Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

If you have an AC unit that is over 10 years old it is a good idea to regularly check or be on the look out for signs of aging. Having your AC unit replaced before it stops working altogether could end up causing less stress on you and could save you money in the long run. If you notice the signs below, call your local HVAC contractor to schedule an inspection and replacement.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

  • Strange noises: Some noises that your AC unit will make may be quite normal, or they may be another fix. But if your unit is getting increasingly noisier or it is grinding or banging this could be a sign that it is getting ready to retire.
  • Increasing energy costs: If you are looking at your energy bills and you have noticed that they have shot up, it may be time to think about investing in a new unit. As your system ages, it has to work harder to keep up with cooling your home, this hard work means that your unit is chewing up more energy. If you have had a heat wave in the last month or so then it is quite possible that this is why your bill shot up, however if no radical changes in the weather patterns happened and you are seeing those large energy bills you may want to have your system checked out.
  • Increasing calls for repairs: Do you memorize the air conditioner repair man’s phone number or do you keep it on speed dial? If the answer is yes then it is quite possible your system is getting to the end of its lifespan. As systems age parts start to break down, this means that you are making more calls for repairs, costing you more money. Think about it, you could be putting this money towards paying off or purchasing a new system.
  • Warm home: If your house can’t cool down, or you have noticed that it takes a lot longer for it to cool down your system may be trying to tell you something. As systems age, they lose their ability to keep your home comfortable. This means you will be sweltering hot in your home yet still paying up on your energy costs.

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If you are noticing any of the above signs or you would like to learn more about how newer energy efficient systems can save you money in the long term, our team of experts can help. Contact us today to learn more about replacing your air conditioning unit.