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Should You Replace Your HVAC System?

Every day your HVAC system works hard to keep your Tempe home comfortable. It’s easy to forget about how hard it’s working, day in and day out, to protect the comfort of your home. Yet over time certain signs should not be ignored, as they may indicate that it’s time to start thinking about replacement!

If you’re noticing some of these signs, then it may be time to consider calling Shamrock Heating & Cooling for HVAC replacement.

1. Increasing Energy Bills

Energy bills that are increasing without a clear cause can be a sign that you’re ready to repalce that HVAC system. Over time two things happen. First, as the system ages, it becomes less and less efficient. Second, as the technology of HVAC systems changes, new, more efficient models hit the market. Replacing your system with a more efficient model will save you money over time.

2. An Old System Has Broken

Almost any HVAC system can be repaired by the right HVAC professional, but sometimes the cost of repair compared to the age of the system just doesn’t make sense. At Shamrock, we recommend the “$5,000 Rule” to determine if your system should be repaired or replaced. To use this rule, multiply the age of the system and the cost estimate for the repair. If the total is over $5,000, then you’re better off replacing the system. If not, then repair is likely the more cost-effective option.

3. Your Home Is Uncomfortable

If you’re regularly feeling uncomfortable in your home, but know that the thermostat has been set properly, you may want to think about replacing the HVAC system. Overly hot or overly cool spots can indicate that the HVAC system isn’t doing its job well, and a new system could fix the problem. This is particularly true if the existing system isn’t properly sized for the property.

4. The System Regularly Needs Repairs

If you’re finding that you are repairing the system on a regular basis, adding refrigerant or repairing breaking components every few months, then you may be paying more for repairs over the course of a year than the system is worth. Even if each individual repair doesn’t break the $5,000 rule, the combined cost will, and replacing the system will put a stop to these constant repair bills.

5. Your System Has Safety Issues

Finally, don’t forget about safety. Poor wiring, leaking refrigerant, CO leaks, electrical concerns and other safety issues may mean that replacement is essential. Make sure your family is safe by replacing a system with any serious, dangerous problems.

Are you ready to replace your HVAC system with one that is more efficient, better sized for your home and safer for your family? Give Shamrock Heating & Cooling a call at 480-439-0016 to schedule a service and replacement appointment with our qualified team or contact us online now.