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Why Does My Furnace Smell Bad?

Unusual smells in your home are usually a sign that something’s wrong. Sometimes it’s just an over-ripe garbage bag, but when the smell is coming from your furnace, then it’s time to dig a little deeper. Here are some smells you can experience from your furnace, and what they might mean for your home.

1. Burning Smell

If you’re smelling a burning smell, and it’s the start of the heating season, then  you’re probably just smelling the dust burning off of the system after months of non-use. This is not something to be concerned with. However, if the burning smell smells metallic, similar to an overheated motor, then you may have a problem with the furnace blower. If you don’t address the issue, the motor could overheat, melting the attached wires and creating a serious electrical risk. For this smell, you need to call an HVAC professional immediately after turning off your system.

2. Rotten Egg Smell

If you’re smelling rotten eggs or a similar smell, you probably have a gas leak. This is an emergency. Open all of the doors and windows in your home, call 911 and get out of the home. Natural gas is scented to smell this way so homeowners are aware when there is a problem.

3. Chemical Smell

Chemical smells are difficult to diagnose, because they can be due to a number of causes. If you’re smelling a chemical smell, it may be a sign of a cracked heat exchanger. This particular problem puts your family at serious risk for CO poisoning, so you need to get it looked at right away. Even if you’re not completely sure what the smell smells like, you need to have someone look at it right away to ensure your family is protected.

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