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5 Common AC Problems You Can Avoid

Air conditioning is a must for home comfort and good health here in the greater Phoenix area—so avoiding air conditioner problems is well worthwhile. Annual preventative maintenance from your local HVAC company can help you prevent cooling system problems such as the following.

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Proper Maintenance Keeps Your Arizona Home’s AC Going Strong

During annual professional HVAC maintenance, our skilled technician inspects your air conditioning system. We’ll check the function of your system, look for worn components, plus clean and lubricate all moving parts. This helps us to prevent (or catch early) common cooling system issues like:

  1. Refrigerant leaks: With regular maintenance, our tech checks refrigerant pressure and locates the source of any leak for repair. Then we recharge your cooling system with refrigerant to restore its cooling ability (and your home comfort).
  2. Coil problems: A frozen evaporator coil or dirty condenser coil can render your AC less efficient, raising energy bills and cooling your home inadequately. Even worse, coil issues can make your equipment old before its time, leading to early replacement or complete cooling system breakdown. To avoid these expensive problems, your HVAC tech cleans your coils and checks system function at every maintenance visit.
  3. Faulty fan: One fan circulates your home’s warm indoor air over the evaporator coil for cooling. Another fan blows warm air to the outside. Air conditioner problems that affect your fans include neglected lubrication, dirt buildup in the system, worn out belts, and more. When fans break down, you’re headed for catastrophic compressor failure and great expense to get your air conditioner running again. Luckily, these fan-killing issues are preventable, with our expert maintenance each spring—designed to get your AC ready for summer use.
  4. Leaky duct system: Your Tempe area home’s ductwork can begin leaking from issues like rodents or simple aging. This creates energy waste, high utility bills and overworked air conditioning equipment (which may need early replacement or major expensive repairs.)
  5. Blocked drain lines: If your cooling system’s condensate drain clogs or the drain pan overflows, water backs up and can damage your system. Water damage may spread to walls, ceilings, and furniture, leading to structural rot and mold.

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